7 reasons renting a coworking space makes sense for your startup

Before the pandemic made everyone go remote, coworking spaces had come into their own as one of the hottest business trends. As more and more companies were set up remotely and the gig economy was at its peak, businesses large and small opted out of their own leased space to enjoy the flexibility of a coworking space.

Today, several coworking space brands offer world-class amenities and a conducive work environment where people can work in peace or form new collaborations as they choose. TriassicHub is one of them. Now that the world is resuming office working in a COVID world, this is the perfect time for startups to consider coworking. Here are seven benefits: 

1. World-class facilities at hand

 When in the middle of a workday, having to worry about whether the coffee beans have run out can be an unnecessary distraction. At a coworking space, facilities like Internet, coffee machines, printers, parking facilities and dedicated meeting rooms are all included in the monthly rent. This facilitates unbroken stretches of work and keeps expenses much lower than if teams were to run their own office space or work at a coffee shop. 

2. Cost-effectiveness

 Perhaps the most significant advantage of a coworking space for a startup is cost-effectiveness. Leasing an entire commercial space can be exceedingly expensive and calls for a substantial deposit upfront. No business wants to make that commitment in these uncertain times.

Releasing the space at short notice is also difficult, as most estate agents/landlords demand a lengthy minimum lock-in period. By contrast, the formalities for renting a coworking space get completed almost instantly, and there is no concept of a lock-in period.

This makes it much easier for startups with low budgets and dynamic expansion plans to get the professional space they need without committing to any one place for longer than they need to. 


Setting up a home office is more challenging than many people realise. Not all houses are large enough for a designated room, and finding appropriate furniture can be expensive. There are different types of seats (ergonomic chairs and desks, sofas, beanbags, benches and so on) to suit different comfort levels and physical requirements, which has an enormous impact on productivity. This also opens up more options for conducting meetings, depending on how formal or informal the setup is.


While working from home undoubtedly had its benefits, there are also the distractions of other family members being around, household tasks to attend to, and possibly young children, the elderly or pets who need attention. Sure, many professionals may opt for coffee shops, but these too may be distracting.  Plus, there is no brand-specific professional setup.

A desk at a coworking space, by contrast, allows professionals to work without distractions and also gives the team a sense of brand unity, which is especially useful when entertaining potential clients or even small teams. 


With a coworking space, startups can tailor their packages as they like. They can lease spaces for a year at a stretch or pay every month if they want to keep things open. They can also scale up or scale down the number of desks they rent depending on their hiring journey.

Coworking spaces tend to offer early and late opening, which means that employees can set their hours for an early-morning or late-night brainstorming session — whatever they choose. This also allows teams to set their work schedules depending on their circadian rhythms and any other commitments. 


 Coworking spaces typically host workshops, product demonstrations or talks by eminent personalities periodically. Attending events like this helps foster new connections and provides opportunities for startups to pitch their products and interact with investors. This could, potentially, lead to new creative and technological collaborations as well.


 After a prolonged home-based lockdown, professionals everywhere are eager to experience the sense of community that a shared workspace offers. Coworking spaces host people from all kinds of backgrounds and foster innovative new collaborations and lasting friendships.

Often, employees working from home may feel depressed due to the isolation of not having friends or colleagues around — with a coworking space, they can look forward to going to work for the prospect of socialisation, which also boosts their productivity workplace morale.


Working together face-to-face is exciting indeed for all startups. Sure, Zoom and Skype keep everyone connected. But the thought of sitting across your team members, having a cup of tea, laughing and smiling with them is priceless!

If you plan to circle in at least one offsite meeting with your team, do it at Triassic Hub, convenient for Bromsgrove and the surrounding areas. We would be delighted to offer you a clean, modern and flexible workspace. Book your meeting room today!

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