7 Ways Working In Coworking Spaces Improves Mental Well-Being

Mental health at work has been a topic of conversation for a while now. About one in almost seven employees suffer from anxiety and depression, making it a priority area for managers. The impact of workplace surroundings has been recognised as a major factor that affects mental health.

The traditional office space with its small, closed-off cubicles, is rapidly falling in popularity. Instead, coworking spaces are the new favourite among businesses large and small for their range of facilities, cost-effectiveness and spacious, productive environments.

While companies worldwide slowly start returning to work after the lengthy COVID-19 lockdown, the UK might have to wait a bit longer to head back to an actual office space.

Nonetheless, here are some compelling reasons to consider a coworking space to improve the mental health of your team members once lockdown 3 has been lifted:

1. Having all necessary facilities at hand 

In the middle of a long workday, scrambling to search for sheets of A4 paper or worrying about running out of coffee beans can be unnecessary stressors.

A coworking space comes equipped with all the basics every working professional needs, from WiFi and printing machines to tea and snacks.

There are also different kinds of seating arrangements to enable various types of work, from quiet personal cubicles to larger public areas to private meeting rooms. Your team members can pick the seats they feel most comfortable in and settle down to their work.

 Plus, since the fee for renting a coworking space includes access to all these facilities, small business teams and freelancers do not have to worry about racking up big bills at cafes (i.e., when they go to a cafe!), thus removing the need for any budget-related stress.

2. Better work-life balancE  

While working from home allows people to be more connected with their families, it also hampers the work-life balance because they do not know when to switch off entirely from work. Trust us – blurred lines between work and home is a reality for most! 

They thus end up working on and off throughout the day, which might add up to more work hours clocked and less quality leisure time. 

Instead, a coworking space provides a different physical work environment that enables an actual divide between the professional and the personal.

This way, your team members can focus entirely during the hours they are at work and then give all their attention to their families when they are back home. 

3. Less distraction 

Another negative consequence of working from home is the number of distractions posed by children, family members, pets, sounds from the TV, household duties and so on.  

Frequent interruptions hinder the pace of work and lead to frustration and stress because jobs do not get completed. 

By opting for a coworking space, your team members can benefit from a quiet, roomy work environment where everyone else is concentrating and where there are no domestic distractions to tackle. 

This allows them to finish their work faster and more efficiently, allowing them to feel a greater sense of satisfaction in their productivity.  

4. Recreational opportunities 

Most coworking spaces today feature recreational facilities in addition to their ‘office’ facilities. Games such as table football and table tennis allow professionals to recharge from work sessions and engage in friendly banter, while yoga or dance classes are a great way to unwind and get fitter.

Although recreational facilities would not be available until COVID-19 is entirely out of the picture for the world, having the option of enjoying leisure activities at one’s disposal during office hours plays a significant role in preventing the buildup of stress, thereby reducing the chances of mental burnout. 

5. Support systems 

Work can get taxing, even in the normal course of affairs, and your team members may feel isolated and depressed because they have no one to talk to. 

Traditional office setups do not always promote healthy support systems. Still, coworking spaces offer a more open environment where colleagues can support each other about issues they have in common and bond positively over a hot beverage, meals or activities. 

Some coworking spaces even offer counselling services where professionals can speak with therapists or take meditation classes. This way, they no longer need to bottle up their troubles and avoid feeling isolated and misunderstood. 

6. A sense of community 

Many of your team members may feel restless or unsatisfied when they only see the same set of people every day. Coworking spaces host professionals from multiple backgrounds and are thus ideal for promoting new friendships. 

Particularly for those who work independently, getting to mingle with others can stave off the feelings of loneliness that often creep in when spending most of the day alone. It is also an excellent way to make friends and contacts outside their teams and expand their social lives.  

7. Opportunities for collaboration 

Another positive consequence of sharing a space with people from different backgrounds is the potential for new collaborations. For instance, if your startup is looking to revamp its content strategy, it can connect with freelance writers and designers at the coworking space. 

Again, engineers working on a new product can connect with other techies for a fresh perspective. This enables more unique and better ways of taking ideas through to completion, giving employees a greater sense of satisfaction and motivating them to keep going. 

In conclusion 

We are in 2021, and we still do not have a respite from the Coronavirus outbreak. However, with multiple vaccines underway, the best way to deal with the looming pandemic is to take one day at a time.

We will not be surprised if working from home has lost its charm for you. So, when lockdown 3 has been lifted and people are able to step out of their homes for work, do book your team at Triassic Hub.

We offer modern, clean and flexible coworking spaces—and are equipped with a track and trace system for all our visitors, with PPE kits and hand sanitisers at their disposal. Moreover, we are also cost-effective. Visit www.trassichub.co.uk for more information.

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