Office plans post-lockdown? Here’s what you need to know.

After an extended period of work-from-home and with office spaces seemingly a thing of the past, the UK government’s announcement to gradually reopen offices brings some much-needed clarity to businesses everywhere.

While the roadmap provided by the government gave no specifics as to exactly when people should return to the office, it did detail some ‘unlocking’ steps and mention that there would be four reviews conducted on or before June 21, the results of which may affect the work-from-home guidelines.

To figure out the optimal plan for your workspace, we recommend mapping backwards from June 21 so that your employees have the workspace format of their choice and you have enough time to rent flexible office spaces as needed.

Here is why we recommend you opt for flexible office spaces during this time:


You can sign a contract and move into a flexible space with a coworking hub of your choice within a few days instead of the months it may take to lease a proper office. Plus, the maintenance costs and rent are minimal compared to the upkeep of your own space, which is ideal for times of economic uncertainty.


As the world of work continues to evolve, businesses need to try new things and adapt quickly without too much upfront commitment. Flexible office spaces allow you to scale up, scale down or even move out as you need to based on how your work strategy and the pandemic are evolving.


Several flex contractors have started allowing businesses to sign for their space now and pay later once lockdown lifts, enabling you to benefit from the current offers without feeling like you are wasting money on unused seats.

A comprehensive timeline to get back to work

We understand working from home is not for everyone. Longer hours in front of the laptop, endless virtual meetings, shoddy WiFi, and unexpected problems at-home are some of the issues you and your team could be dealing with, if not all. That is why we have prepared a month-wise plan of action for you to return to work — including renting a coworking space this year.


Determine how your team wants to work going forward – whether a continuation of work-from-home, return to the office, or a hybrid model.

The last several months have been turbulent, and your employees may feel differently now than they did even a month ago. It would help if you ran a survey about work preferences to know where you stand as an organisation.

When you know what your team wants, you need to determine whether your existing workplace setup is catering adequately to those wants.

Chances are, you will need to be creative about managing a mix of home offices, flexible spaces and an official headquarters, as your needs may change over time. This is where signing up with a flex contractor that offers easy terms of rent makes sense.

Some of the things you might want to try to include taking a membership with a provider that offers multi-location access, sharing an office space with another business, or giving employees a workspace allowance so they can book a hot desk at a location of their choice, and so on.

And if you have chosen to stay on at your current workspace, consider adapting it by increasing the number of collaborative spaces or upgrading the seating arrangements.

by mid-april

If you plan to look for new office space, you should certainly start your search now to get in ahead of the crowd and negotiate with the space provider for good deals.

If you have decided to stick with your existing workspace, now is the time to work on revamping it as needed, increasing the number of meeting rooms your team has access to or renting workspaces near your employees’ homes so that they can avoid long commutes.

If you are not fully committed to any one office space yet, consider taking a pay-as-you-go deal so that you can test the waters at different flexible workspaces.

It is anticipated that non-essential services may reopen around this time, so expect towns and cities everywhere to be much busier.


If you are looking to move into a new workspace, now is the time to sign your contract so that you have a month in hand to take care of admin-related tasks. Be sure to have at least one sizable collaborative space in your office so that employees can collaborate and socialise while maintaining safe distances.

by mid-june

It would help if you had all of the formalities taken care of by now. Be sure to communicate the details of the new workspace to your employees well in advance, along with any changes in work policy.

Your business will likely continue to have a work-from-home option, which means that employees need to have clarity when required to be at the office space and when they can stay at home.

If possible, have virtual open hours with your colleagues so that you can answer any questions they have.


TriassicHub will be opening its doors on April 12, 2021. From hot desks to meeting rooms — we provide our clients with a modern, clean and flexible space to work. We have a Covid-19 track and trace system for all our visitors, hand sanitisers, PPE kits to be worn in meeting rooms, and more.

TriassicHub is affordable, gives you access to excellent facilities all day, and is an excellent place to network, collaborate and thrive! Give us a try – you and your teammates will never want to go back to traditional office cubicles again. Book your working spaces today.

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